Giving Birth

The birth of your baby (whether it’s your first or you’re adding to your family again) is a very special time, and you deserve a personalized, family-centered childbirth experience. At Henry Ford, our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where you can deliver your baby the way you choose with the support of our expert delivery team.

When you arrive at the hospital, you will be examined and escorted to your private room, where all stages of labor, delivery and recovery take place -- unless a C-section is required. Your spouse, partner or support person is welcome to be with you during all phases of childbirth, according to your wishes and safety considerations. Learn more about our birthing unit visitor policy.

Your spacious room provides an opportunity to bond with your baby and the comforts of home, with the added security of medical experts and advanced technology. Family members may stay with you and your baby unless the newborn requires special medical attention or you need rest.

C-section delivery

A C-section, or Cesarean birth, is a surgery. It may be scheduled or performed as an emergency procedure, for such reasons as:

  • Baby is in distress
  • You or your baby are at risk
  • Labor is not progressing well
  • Baby is in breech (feet first) position
  • A medical issue prevents a vaginal delivery
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