Pancreatic Cancer and Tumor Treatments

Pancreatic cancer is a rare condition that’s challenging to treat. When you come to the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, you are in the hands of experts. We are one of Michigan’s most experienced pancreatic cancer programs and home to internationally recognized specialists.

You have access to leading therapies, some of which are not widely available. Doctors, therapists and other caring team members ensure you receive coordinated services that meet your individual needs.

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Pancreatic cancer care at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

The Henry Ford Cancer Institute is among the largest pancreatic cancer centers in Michigan. Our experience treating a high volume of patients means you receive an exceptional level of care. We regularly care for patients with inoperable tumors and other complicated circumstances. These are some of the reasons patients and their loved ones put their trust in us.

You receive care from doctors who completed additional training through fellowships and specialize in pancreatic cancer. Our experts have earned an international reputation for their contributions to the field through research. Their expertise spans common and complex types of pancreatic cancer and tumors.

Research and clinical trials

Henry Ford is at the forefront of pancreatic cancer treatment research and innovation. Our team has had a hand in many “care firsts.” We were the first program in the world offering MRI-guided radiation therapy. You may be eligible to be a part of these efforts through clinical trials. Find out more about pancreatic cancer clinical trials and research.

Personalized pancreatic cancer treatments

The treatment that’s best for you depends in part on the type of cancer and how quickly it’s growing. Pancreatic cancer and tumors can be made up of many types of cells. Some cancerous tumors grow quickly, while others grow slowly and respond to more conservative treatments.

Our team includes specialized gastrointestinal pathologists who help determine the type and severity of cancer. We also perform sophisticated tests when necessary to learn more about the genetic makeup of the tumor. This information ensures you receive timely, appropriate care.

Treatments for pancreatic cancer we offer

Your personalized treatment plan reflects the recommendations of multiple experts, including trusted medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists. They work together in meetings called tumor boards to coordinate every phase of treatment. Meet our team.

Pancreatic cancer treatments may include:

  • Chemotherapy and medical oncology: Care includes tried-and-true anticancer drugs as well as innovative options. Eligible patients may receive immunotherapy or a pancreatic cancer vaccine. These options work with the immune system to attack cancer cells.
  • Radiation therapy: These treatments use beams of radiation to break up cancer cells. We offer leading therapies, such as MRI-guided radiation therapy. This option safely delivers a high dose of radiation to precisely the right spot.
  • Surgery: If care includes surgery, your options may include the Whipple procedure or partial pancreatectomy. Select patients with inoperable tumors may be eligible for NanoKnife® procedures that use special technology to destroy cancer tissue.

Whole-person pancreatic cancer care

You have access to additional therapies and support before, during and after treatment. These services, which include assistance from social workers, ease some of the worries that come with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Therapies like advanced pain management help you get relief from side effects, so your care continues moving forward. Find out more about supportive care for pancreatic cancer.
Newly diagnosed?

Contact the cancer team 24/7 by calling (888) 777-4167.

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