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Expert Pancreatic Cancer Care

National leaders in pancreatic cancer surgery.

Pancreatic cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, and you want the most experienced specialists on your care team. Our team sees more than 400 new patients with pancreatic tumors a year. 

As a high-volume surgery center, we provide personalized treatment and we are committed to ensuring the safest and most effective care. 

Our patients have access to the latest treatment options, clinical trials and surgical techniques. Your care will be in the hands of an experienced multidisciplinary team who will tailor a treatment focused on you. 

You’ll also have a dedicated cancer nurse navigator to support you throughout your care and assist with appointment scheduling. 

Our cancer team is available 24/7. Call us at (888) 777-4167.

Advanced pancreatic cancer treatment options 

Our surgical team led development of technology that removes traces of cancer on the edges of a tumor, stretching survival for patients with locally-advanced disease. And we are on the forefront of vaccine research for the most advanced cases of pancreatic cancer. 

We were the first in Michigan to use a soft tissue ablation called electroporation, also known as NanoKnife, to treat inoperable pancreatic tumors that may lie too close to vital blood vessels or ducts in the pancreas to safely perform traditional surgery. 

We were also the first in the world to use cutting-edge radiation technology, called ViewRay, which allows for more precise and accurate delivery of radiation to the tumor.
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Our cancer team is here for you in-person, by phone and virtually for all your cancer care needs.

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Multi-Institutional Pancreatic Cancer Consortium

Bringing together the best minds in the world to advance pancreatic cancer research for early detection.

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SMART Clinical Trial

A new clinical trial is testing the effectiveness of using precise, higher dose MRI-guided radiation therapy to treat pancreatic cancer.

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Innovative treatment from the most experienced experts

Our pancreatic surgery team is a leading, high volume center in Michigan, offering patients safer and comprehensive treatment options with a personalized approach.

Your pancreatic cancer team

Our entire multidisciplinary pancreatic cancer team meets with you to plan your treatment needs in a single visit, saving you time and reducing frustration from multiple medical appointments. Your team will include:

  • Pancreatic cancer surgeons
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Medical oncologists 
  • Nurse navigators
  • Dietitians
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers

This team will be there for you throughout your treatment for medical and personal needs that may arise along the way.

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