Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a painless adjunctive therapy in which a patient breathes pure medical grade oxygen at an increased atmospheric pressure, typically 2.4 times greater than normal.

Breathing oxygen in this environment not only increases the amount of oxygen dissolved into the blood, but also forces oxygen into the plasma and tissues while promoting the body’s healing process by the formation of tiny new blood vessels. It can also help boost infection-fighting capabilities.

One of the most common uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is treating non-healing wounds that have not responded to typical wound healing protocols.

A typical course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is 20 to 30 treatments, carried out in an acrylic hyperbaric chamber. During the treatment, patients can watch television, listen to music or simply rest.

If you have been suffering from a wound that hasn’t healed in many weeks or even months, talk to your wound care specialist about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


For hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, call (313) 916-3929.

For hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Henry Ford Macomb Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine in Chesterfield Township, call (586) 421-3080.

A doctor’s referral is required.

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