Tips for Sleeping Better

The Henry Ford Sleep Disorders Center has spent nearly 30 years understanding sleep, sleep disorders and how to sleep better.

Based on our extensive research and case studies, tips for more restful sleep include:

  • Keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up schedule
  • Exercise daily for 30 minutes or more (it's important that you don't exercise too close to bedtime - give yourself at least two hours after working out before bedtime)
  • Engage in a quiet, relaxing activity an hour before bed
  • Take a bath, read or listen to music
  • Get out of bed if you can't sleep
  • Keep lights low and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy
  • Avoid or limit caffeine, alcohol and nicotine
  • Hide your bedroom clock to reduce stress
  • Check your medications to see if they may be contributing to your insomnia
  • Control pain by talking to your doctor about medication or other options
  • Avoid or limit naps, especially after 3 p.m.
  • Minimize sleep interruptions by keeping the bedroom dark, quiet, and cool.