Surgical Solutions

Most people with back and neck pain won’t need surgery. The spine specialists at Henry Ford Health recommend conservative treatments whenever possible. However, surgery may be necessary if you have:

  • A condition that hasn’t improved after a year or more of nonsurgical therapies
  • A drastically reduced quality of life
  • Nerve compression or nerve damage that threatens your mobility

Back and neck surgery: Why choose Henry Ford?

If you need spine surgery, choose Michigan’s leading experts. Our comprehensive spine program offers:

  • Expertise: Our team includes orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons with additional fellowship training in complex spine surgery. You get treatment from highly experienced specialists.
  • Minimally invasive options: Our surgeons offer less invasive surgical techniques that can help you recover faster and with less pain.
  • Complete care: We guide you through every step of spine surgery, from your initial consultation to rehabilitation.
  • Excellent outcomes: We are the coordinating center for the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC). Our doctors uphold the highest standards of patient care.
  • Second opinions: If you’ve been told you need spine surgery, we can take a second look. In many cases, we can offer nonsurgical treatments to relieve your pain.

Spine surgeries we offer

Our surgeons have experience performing a wide range of spine surgeries. We offer highly specialized treatments that may not be available elsewhere. Whenever possible, we perform surgery using minimally invasive techniques to help you recover faster and with less pain.

Spinal decompression surgery

Our spine surgeons use several minimally invasive techniques to relieve radiculopathy (nerve pain) associated with sciatica, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc conditions.

We offer the following outpatient procedures:

  • Laminectomy: Your surgeon makes a small incision and uses a high-speed drill to remove part of the lamina, which is the bony “roof” of the vertebra. This procedure opens up the spinal column to relieve nerve compression.
  • Microdiscectomy: Through a small incision (less than one inch), your surgeon uses a specialized microscope and surgical tools to remove part of a damaged disc.

Spinal fusion surgery

Spine conditions that cause instability or pain with movement may need to be treated with spinal fusion surgery. We typically recommend this procedure for people with severe spinal arthritis, stenosis, back injuries or scoliosis.

During this procedure, we fuse two or more vertebrae together to maintain the spine’s stability and alignment. Our surgeons may use the assistance of a robot or the guidance of live CT scans to precisely place screws and other hardware.

The spine care team at Henry Ford excels at performing complex, multilevel fusions. Some fusions can be performed as a minimally invasive procedure with just an overnight hospital stay.

Spinal tumor surgery

Our spine surgeons work closely with the Henry Ford cancer care team to treat spinal tumors. We may perform spine surgery before or after other cancer treatments, such as radiosurgery. By separating the spinal anatomy from the tumor, we can minimize tissue damage during radiation therapy and improve outcomes.

Learn more about your treatment options for spinal cancer at Henry Ford.

Spinal revision surgery

We offer revision surgery for people with spine problems due to past surgeries. Revision surgery can treat:

  • Failed back surgery syndrome
  • Loosened hardware
  • Misplaced hardware
  • Postoperative scoliosis
  • Severe scar tissue formation

Spinal realignment surgery

Our surgeons can reshape the spine by performing highly specialized osteotomy procedures. We strategically remove part or all of the vertebrae and realign the spine with hardware or implants.

This technique can improve mobility and relieve pain associated with spinal stenosis, scoliosis and other spinal curvatures. Realignment surgery may also include decompression or fusion.

Expert care, before and after spine surgery

At Henry Ford, we guide you through every stage of spine surgery. From your initial consultation through recovery, our team is here to help you heal.

We offer an innovative Spine Prehab program featuring Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). ERAS is an evidence-based approach to preparing for and recovering from spine surgery. ERAS, an MSSIC initiative, includes:

  • Presurgical education and risk assessment
  • Pain management techniques after surgery
  • Help with walking after surgery
  • Discharge instructions
  • Questionnaires to help us evaluate your recovery process and track your progress 

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