Vascular Access for Kidney Dialysis

The Division of Vascular Surgery at Henry Ford is a leader in providing support for patients who require vascular access for kidney dialysis. An innovative range of options, both elective and emergency, are provided:

  • Expert consultation
  • Complete diagnostic testing
  • Open and minimally invasive treatment modalities
  • Detailed follow-up

The Vascular Surgery team works closely with specialists in Nephrology for the care of patients with kidney disease. Patients requiring hemodialysis treatment for kidney failure first need to undergo surgery to prepare a site on the body (vascular access) where the blood will be removed and returned during dialysis. Vascular access types include an arteriovenous fistula, an arteriovenous graft, or a venous catheter for hemodialysis

The expertise, research, and quality in the field of vascular access have earned Henry Ford Vascular Surgery's team an international reputation. Emergency access expertise has made Henry Ford Vascular Surgery a local leader in providing vascular services to dialysis patients.

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