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Vascular Surgery

Nearly 70 years ago, doctors at Henry Ford Health System helped develop the medical specialty of vascular surgery. Experts at the Heart & Vascular Institute continue this tradition, delivering innovative treatments that protect your health and improve your quality of life.

What is vascular surgery?

Vascular surgeons offer a wide range of treatments for diseases affecting blood vessels. They care for all veins and arteries, other than those that sit in the brain or supply the heart with blood.

Henry Ford’s vascular surgeons do much more than just surgery. We provide comprehensive care, starting when you first come to us with symptoms. Our care includes:

  • Diagnosis of vascular disease and related conditions, including testing
  • Medications to manage symptoms and treat issues contributing to vascular disease
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Open surgery
  • Ongoing monitoring of your health
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Serene's Story

When an ER scan showed an abdominal aortic aneurysm that had ruptured and was leaking, Serene was rushed to Henry Ford Hospital for a lifesaving procedure.

Read Serene's Story

Alfio’s Story

When his legs swelled up so bad he couldn’t walk, Alfio was referred to Henry Ford for what would be a long care journey, including lifesaving treatment at Henry Ford Hospital.

Vascular surgery: Why choose Henry Ford?

At Henry Ford, our vascular surgeons help develop new ways to diagnose and treat vascular disease, giving you access to the latest innovations. We focus on your individual needs, considering all options, including creative solutions. We find effective treatment that lasts as long as possible.

When you come to us for care, you’ll find:

  • Legacy of firsts: Our vascular surgeons are pioneers in innovative treatments and the right time to use them. We were the first in Michigan to perform minimally invasive aortic repair and continue to expand its use. Our team’s studies look at the best ways to begin treatment – whether with medications or procedures – for the best possible results.
  • Top care for all forms of vascular disease: Our vascular surgeons treat the full range of diseases affecting blood vessels, including uncommon conditions. We’re one of the few centers in Michigan offering both minimally invasive procedures and open surgeries, for the most complex conditions. If you develop complications from treatment you received elsewhere – or if you’ve been told that treatment isn’t an option – we can help.
  • Advanced testing: Henry Ford vascular surgeons founded our vascular testing labs in 1977 and continue to lead them today. Our certified vascular technologists specialize in complex imaging for diagnosis and long-term monitoring of your health. Learn more about vascular testing in our nationally accredited vascular labs.
  • Nationally known vein center: Henry Ford is home to the only comprehensive program in southeast and south central Michigan dedicated to vein disease. Our vascular surgeons help provide advanced care for a wide range of conditions, including those that are uncommon or complex. Learn more about the Vein Center.

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