Henry Ford Health's Interventional Pulmonology Team Celebrates 1,000th Robotic Bronchoscopy Procedure

September 14, 2023
1,000th Robotic Bronchoscopy

Minimally invasive technology requires no incisions and offers lower risk of complications for patients like Paul Toenjes.

DETROIT (Sept. 14, 2023) — The Interventional Pulmonology team at Henry Ford Hospital recently completed its 1,000th robotic bronchoscopy, a procedure that uses advanced robotics to assist doctors in accessing hard-to-reach areas of the lung. This technology significantly aids in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, such as lung cancer, providing a minimally invasive and more precise approach.

The significance of this milestone at Henry Ford is magnified by the fact that only a handful of medical centers in the United States have successfully completed 1,000 robotic bronchoscopy procedures.

"Completing our 1,000th procedure highlights our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible care for our patients,” said Avi Cohen, M.D., Director of Advanced Therapeutic Bronchoscopy at Henry Ford Health. “Robotic bronchoscopy allows us to diagnose and treat pulmonary conditions with unparalleled precision, and I'm proud of our team's dedication to making a tremendous difference in the lives of our patients every day.”

One patient who can attest to the life-changing impact of robotic bronchoscopy at Henry Ford Health is Paul Toenjes. Paul's journey with lung cancer began in November 2022 when he developed a light but persistent cough.

Despite initial X-rays from an outside health system showing no issues, a CAT scan eventually revealed a tumor in his lung. When his original hospital's bronchoscopy procedure was unsuccessful, Paul turned to Henry Ford Health for help.

"Getting my robotic bronchoscopy at Henry Ford was a turning point in my battle against lung cancer,” said Paul. "When other methods of diagnosis fell short, the team at Henry Ford was able to provide an accurate diagnosis and get me started on my path to survivorship. I am profoundly grateful for their exceptional care, which has been instrumental in my journey.

After his diagnosis, Paul underwent surgery at an outside hospital to remove his stage 2A lung tumor and chose Henry Ford Health for his chemotherapy and follow up care. He recently completed his final chemotherapy appointment on September 13th.

A lover of the outdoors and exercising, Paul has remained active throughout his treatment.

I’m still walking my three miles per day, getting out on the water, and most importantly, cherishing moments with my new granddaughter,” said Paul. “I’m also very excited for my upcoming wedding in the near future. There’s so much life to live, and I’m thankful every day for the opportunity.”

To learn more about lung and pulmonary care at Henry Ford, visit henryford.com/services/pulmonary.

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