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Welcome to the online edition of Journey Forward magazine! In each issue, you will find the back story to one of our thousands of inspirational patients, insights into resources available for those dealing with cancer and highlights of advances within Henry Ford Cancer. Plus, each story offers web “extras” and links designed to inspire, empower and simplify your life.

Winter 2022 Issue

Prostate cancer patient Anthony

Driven for Innovative Care

An online search leads Anthony to a unique clinical trial and cutting-edge prostate cancer surgery. Read more.

paint palete

Find Peace in Painting

Whether you love painting or you’ve never held a brush, Henry Ford experts say taking up painting during your cancer journey can help you heal and find emotional comfort. Read more.

doctor and patient looking at documents

The Value of Clinical Trials

For many cancer patients, clinical trials – before or during treatment – provide opportunities to receive care that otherwise may not be available. Read more.

heart shaped plates

Cancer and Your Heart

Certain lifesaving cancer treatments may increase the risk of developing heart problems. A Henry Ford heart expert explains cardiotoxicity and the steps to take to lower your risk. Read more.

The Support Squad

It’s important to surround yourself with people who will support you throughout your cancer journey, from driving you to an appointment, dropping off dinner, walking the dog, helping with laundry or regularly calling to check in. Read more.  

women walking together

Manage Changing Relationships

While cancer often changes personal relationships – and not always for the better – it’s possible to find the willpower to move on, be flexible and forgive. Read more.

ribbon cutting ceremony

The Bridge Between Hope and History

One of the most striking features of Henry Ford Cancer’s Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion in Detroit is a pedestrian bridge that connects the Pavilion to Henry Ford Hospital. It was made possible through a $5 million donation made by Robert J. Vlasic to honor his late wife Nancy. Read more.

cancer survivor June

Survivor Speaks Out: Create Willpower from Anger and Fear 

After a tongue cancer diagnosis, June dug deep to find willpower and support in a situation where most people might give up. Read more.

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Art Therapy Open Studio

Hosted by Art Therapist Calli Perry, join us weekly for free open studio sessions and spend some you-time having fun and being creative! Bring your...

Mind Over Matter

Learn tips and tools to handle the big feelings that often come after a cancer diagnosis. This 5 week virtual educational series, taught by a...

Art Therapy Open Studio

Hosted by Art Therapist Calli Perry, join us weekly for free open studio sessions and spend some you-time having fun and being creative! Bring your...

Relaxing Meditation

While the use of meditation and breathing exercises are not an alternative treatment or cure for cancer, they have been shown to help people with...

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Redefining Cancer Survivorship: What It Means Today

The number of people who can call themselves cancer survivors is at an all-time high. With that, the definition of survivorship is changing, too. Here's what to know about this stage of your cancer journey. 

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: What To Know 

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery has been shown to provide a variety of mental and physical benefits. Learn whether it might be right for you.

At-Home Alternatives To Colonoscopy

Learn about the at-home kits that - for some people - can be used in place of colonoscopy screening. Here's how they work, who can use them and who should stick with colonoscopy.

How To Share (Or Not Share) A Cancer Diagnosis

Sharing your cancer diagnosis is not easy - you'll likely be considering who to tell and how much to share. A psychologist offers advice on how to have those conversations.

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