Nancy Lemke, Histotechnologist, Laser Vision Correction Patient

"I see better now without any corrective lenses than I did when I was wearing contacts. I almost can't say enough about the Laser Vision Correction procedure, and I'm a very skeptical person by nature. I've been in health care all of my life, and I don't praise these kinds of things lightly. But this procedure is really great - it's such a speedy recovery with no discomfort, and the outcome for me has been nothing short of fabulous.

"I've worn glasses since I was four years old. That's a very long time and I was sick of the whole routine. My contact lenses had gotten very uncomfortable and they really weren't worth the trouble. I thought it would be wonderful to see without glasses or corrective lenses of any kind. I had been following the progress of Laser Vision Correction for years, so I was very well informed.

"Even though I work in the Henry Ford Health System, I didn't automatically want to have something done to my eyes before I was confident in the ability of the Henry Ford staff and doctors. They took a tremendous amount of time to answer all my questions, sent me to watch someone else have the procedure done and were very, very helpful. I think they are the best. I was impressed with the amount of effort they put into the program.

"The procedure only took about 10 to 12 minutes per eye, and the minute I sat up I realized that I could see things more clearly. Within a half hour after the procedure I was on the street reading signs off the side of a building, and I suddenly realized that I was reading a sign with no glasses when an hour and fifteen minutes before, I wouldn't have even seen if the building had windows or not. It's beyond great, because if you've been as dependent on corrective lenses as I have my entire life and all of a sudden you can see without them, it's just this side of miraculous.

"I recommend the procedure highly and I definitely recommend Henry Ford because they have a wonderful program in place. They have a great staff who will answer all your questions and make you feel very comfortable. I have every confidence in them, and feel like I had the best care possible. It's something you should do for yourself."

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