Phil Dunham, Financial Consultant and Triathlete, Laser Vision Correction Patient

"No question about it - Laser Vision Correction is a great thing. Why? I've been wearing corrective lenses since I was in the sixth grade and now I don't have to anymore. After 31 years, I can just get up and go. I'm a financial consultant and if you don't have high energy you can't do the job. Without having to worry about glasses or contact lenses, I can just leap out of bed and get in there and do it. I also look a lot better without glasses or contacts, so I've got greater confidence in my presentation. It all translates into a positive influence on my life - an overall improved self-image.

"I'm also a triathlete and there's definitely a downside to wearing contacts in that kind of activity. When you're swimming in the Pacific Ocean and you have on goggles in the salt water and you have any trouble, you can't very well open your eyes under water with contacts. Anytime I wanted to train, I had to have those contact lenses. Now I don't have to worry about contacts falling out or taking spares with me wherever I go. I've got a sense of freedom about going and doing the things I want to do without having to worry about where my glasses or contacts are. I love it.

"I chose Henry Ford after I saw the announcement about LASIK in the newsletter. When I called to ask a couple of questions, I liked the answers I got. Everyone at Henry Ford was very nice to me - they answered all of my questions. I liked them and I understood what was going to happen and I felt very comfortable.

"The LASIK procedure was no problem. I noticed results almost immediately. Everything they told me was going to happen, did happen. My vision was better quickly, and I knew right away that I wasn't going to have to wear glasses or contacts anymore. When you've worn glasses or contacts for 31 years it becomes a dominant part of your life. To suddenly realize that you don't need them anymore is wonderful. The biggest change that I've felt is that there is a sense of freedom from wearing those things - I feel like I can get on with my life in a different way.

"I would recommend the procedure because I think it enables you to do a lot of things without having to think about it. And I would recommend Henry Ford strongly. The proof is in the result. I felt comfortable that the people at Henry Ford were going to do a good job and that's what gave me the confidence to make the decision to have LASIK. If I had to sum it all up in one word I would say that I am overjoyed - just overjoyed."

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