Clinical Trials for Pancreatic Cancer

Ground-breaking trial options for pancreatic cancer patients.

In addition to standard cancer treatments, some patients also have the chance to participate in clinical trials

Our pancreatic cancer physicians lead and participate in several clinical trials. We will work with you to determine if a clinical trial is right for you.

Gene therapy clinical trial 

Our pancreas team is participating in a ground-breaking study of radiation and gene therapy treatments for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. 

This preliminary study is not available anywhere else. The work culminates more than 20 years of research at Henry Ford for various cancers.

Patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer receive an injection of an adenovirus virus — a common cold virus — that contains two genes that combine with radiation to enhance tumor cell death. The virus is injected into the primary tumor site. 

The study will look at whether the body’s immune system — which recognizes cancer cells as harmful invaders — can be activated to further attack tumor cells. 

Learn more about clinical trials at Henry Ford.

MRI-guided radiation therapy clinical trial

The Henry Ford Cancer Institute’s Department of Radiation Oncology is offering a new clinical trial called SMART (Stereotactic MRI-guided On-table Adaptive Radiation Therapy Trial) to study the effectiveness of delivering ablative doses of radiation to pancreatic cancer patients using ViewRay’s MRIdian system.

This five-year, multi-institutional study will enroll 133 patients with borderline resectable or inoperable locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

Prior analysis has shown that MRI-guided radiation therapy may be a promising therapy for treating locally advanced pancreatic cancer. This suggests the potential for improving the survival of patients who received lower radiation doses without increasing the side effects of serious gastrointestinal toxicity.

Call the Department of Radiation Oncology to learn more: (313) 916-1021.

Patient eligibility for clinical trials

At our pancreatic cancer tumor board meeting, physicians and research nurses discuss each patient’s case. One topic of discussion is whether the patient is a good fit for any current clinical trials.

If so, our team will present the clinical trial as one option for the patient’s care pathway. Patients then have the choice whether to apply for participation in the trial.

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