Senior Services

Healthy at every age


Our priority at Henry Ford Health System is to improve and maintain a high quality of life for each patient, so that every day is one well lived.

The experts at Henry Ford have set the gold standard of care for adults -- from the active to the frail elderly -- providing excellence in the art of health care and creating a culture of wellness and independence. Each patient is cared for with the expertise and compassion we expect for our own families and friends.

Our physicians implement a team approach, offering comprehensive, individualized and specialty services for adults as they age -- from those in good health to those who require greater medical assistance.

At Henry Ford, we can provide every service that any senior may require. Through a number of innovative services, we can provide care at one of our medical centers or hospitals, or in your own home through our home-based programs.

We're proud to offer services and programs tailored specifically to people as they age.

Henry Ford also has several programs designed specifically for senior patients, including:

  • Behavioral Health Services - Comprehensive programs available throughout Metro Detroit
  • PACE Southeast Michigan - A unique program designed to help frail, elderly people stay at home and out of a nursing home
  • ElderSpine Clinic - To treat the unique spine and back conditions of seniors
  • Falls Prevention Clinic - To help seniors learn techniques to prevent falling and breaking bones
  • Geriatric Clinic - Specialize in dementia, fall assessments, unexpected weight loss and other medical and functional problems specific to seniors
  • Health Services at Home - Customized home care with a full range of products and services
  • Joint Replacement - Leaders in joint replacement surgery - being one of the first hospitals in the world to conduct joint replacement surgery
  • Henry Ford Cancer Institute - The cancer institute is an international leader in the research, detection and treatment of cancer
  • Pain Clinic - A clinic to diagnose and treat chronic pain problems in order to restore function and improve quality of life for older adults
  • Vision Rehabilitation and Research - Rehab for visual deficits from ophthalmic or neurological causes, providing services to help people with low vision make the most of their available eyesight
  • Visiting Physicians - Individuals who are not able to travel can be seen by a Henry Ford visiting physicians where they live.
  • Wound Care Clinic - Offering multidisciplinary and comprehensive chronic wound treatment and education
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