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Caregiver Stories

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Send an email to and put “Caregiver Story” in the subject line. We’d especially like to know how Henry Ford has helped make caregiving easier for you. Your story (and first name only) may be shared on this web page or in our Henry Ford Health System Family Caregivers in Facebook groups. (To join the group, search for Henry Ford Health System Family Caregivers in Facebook groups.)

Caregiver Stories

shawnwcaregiver1 “I’m a new caregiver since my father was hospitalized after a stroke. I had so many questions and I didn’t know what to do, who to ask, or even what to ask. When I called the C.A.R.E. Program the first time with questions about home care, she directed me to the case manager. I didn’t even know what a case manager was, but now I do. On my last call, she told me to look on his discharge papers for the information I needed, and I found it there. I often feel helpless, but having someone I can reach out to really helps. I have more confidence now and when I have questions, I know there is someone who will give me great advice.”

–  Andre, Mt. Clemens

“It seems like I’m always worrying and doing things for my parents. Both of them have health problems but we can’t afford assisted living. I saw the ad for art therapy at the hospital and decided to go. When I got there, I was stressed out and I felt bad about taking time for myself. But concentrating on making the painting took my mind off everything. The art therapist helped me get over my fears of not being creative. I accomplished something! At the end I had a cute picture to take home. I met some other caregivers and we had a good conversation. When I left, I had a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I felt like I could handle it again. I never knew art could be so therapeutic. Thank goodness for this program.”

–  Marla, Pontiac

“When my brother had a stroke, I became his care coordinator. My brother is not my only concern. I work, and my father-in-law is 92. Everything we received from his primary care doctor, specialists, hospitals, physical, occupational and speech therapists, went in the Caregiver Binder. For us, the binder is gold – anyone can grab it and know his medical history. I took it to his PT, OT and speech therapy appointments so they could see it and they wanted them for their patients. I used to go to all my brother’s doctor’s appointments with him, but now he feels confident going alone with the binder. It’s been a godsend.” 

–  Debbie, Westland

The Caregiver Binder changed our life

"I used to go to all my brother’s doctor’s appointments with him, but now he feels confident going alone with the binder. It’s been a godsend.” 

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Caregiver Support Group using Creative Expression

"The art therapist helped me get over my fears of not being creative. I accomplished something!"

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theresa bonham

“I’m caring for my adult nephew, who is on the autism spectrum. There is so much information I need to have for him. I recently got a call from the medical supply company asking for the doctor’s name. I couldn’t remember it, but I had put it in the Caregiver Binder so I found it easily. The binder is an awesome resource that keeps everything in one place. During a stressful or emotional time when I might not be thinking clearly, I’ll be prepared. It even helped me think of things I might need and didn’t have. Having things organized is so helpful.”

–  Theresa, Detroit

 “My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012. She is losing the ability to move and now it’s difficult for her to even dress herself. We are so focused on everyday living that we don’t have much we can enjoy doing together. I’ve been taking her to the Dance for Parkinson’s Disease classes and we love it. Once a week she can leave her worries behind and she dances! She moves to the music and everything just works so much better. I love to watch her smile and see her remember the songs that she and my dad used to dance to. I dance too, and sometimes during the week, we even dance at home. It’s the best physical and emotional therapy we could ask for.”

–  Gloria, Detroit

 “Before I went to the Caregiver Support Group I felt like I was alone. I found out about people and places I can contact for help, and that other caregivers have problems and questions just like me. I got a binder and information about respite care and classes I can go to. I’m glad I went, and that I am connected with other caregivers. Now I don’t feel so alone.”

– Ada, Melvindale

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