Opportunities for COVID-19 Long Haulers

Long Haul COVID-19 Study

Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 that continue to experience symptoms after their infectious period is over, are known as COVID-19 long hauler. Long COVID-19 is also referred to as postacute sequela of COVID-19 (PASC).

The Department of Public Health Sciences at Henry Ford Health is offering a chance for participants to take part in a small study to learn more about PASC. The goal of the PASC study is to explore if metal levels measured in hair samples in those with and without PASC differ. As part of the study, we hope to gain additional insights from wearable activity trackers.

Eligible participants include people ages 18+ and receive care from a Henry Ford Health Primary Care Provider (PCP) (Note: A PCP is a health care professional who practices general medicine. They may be called an internal medicine or family medicine provider.)

Candidate must also fit into one of these groups:

  1. Have been diagnosed with PASC (long COVID-19),
  2. Fully recovered from COVID-19, or
  3.  Have never been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Participation includes completing a brief survey about your medical history, providing a hair sample, and optional sharing of wearable data (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.). Participants will be compensated.

Contact Us:

Email: PASCStudy@hfhs.org
Phone: (313) 876-9199

COVID Recovery Care Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

We are seeking patients and caregivers to advise and provide feedback on Henry Ford Health's new COVID Recovery Care Service that serves patients ("long haulers") who continue to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms weeks or months after their diagnosis.

Interested in learning more about us or serving on this council?

Advisor Role

The advisor role includes:

✔ Giving feedback about program design and services

✔ Co-designing patient education and marketing

✔ Supporting in develop a research agenda that is patient-focused

Advisor Eligibility

The advisor eligibility includes:

✔ Must be patient (or caregiver) who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

✔ Was or currently still is suffering symptoms longer than 3 weeks


Long hauler symptoms include:

✔ Inability to concentrate, impaired memory (“brain fog”)

✔ Difficulty breathing, chest pain

✔ Loss of taste and/ or smell

✔ Fatigue, lack of energy, exhaustion

Virtual participation available

More Information  

Concerned You May Have COVID-19?
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