Concerned You May Have COVID-19?

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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 4/27/21

Keeping track of the latest COVID-19 information is a challenge. At Henry Ford Health System, we want to be your resource. We’ve got answers to all of your coronavirus questions – from when and how to get a COVID-19 test, how long you need to quarantine if you’re exposed to the virus, identifying common COVID-19 symptoms, how Henry Ford has adapted our care to keep you safe during this time, and much more.

Why are there so many cases of COVID-19 in Michigan right now?

Throughout late January and early February, Michigan’s COVID-19 case rates were low. But starting in early March, they began surging, which is likely due to a variety of factors:

  • During the winter lull in cases, people gathered and let their guards down, relaxing their mask wearing and social distancing efforts.
  • Most schools resumed in-person classes in early- to mid-March, as did school sports. (As of now, all teen athletes are required to be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis.)
  • Indoor dining restrictions were modified March 5, bringing more people together in enclosed spaces.
  • The U.K. and West Coast (California) variants are circulating in Michigan, and both are much more contagious. Michigan has had more cases of the U.K. variant than most states in the nation.
  • Spring break travel is on the rise.
  • COVID-19 burnout. People have become frustrated, lonely or bored, and stopped taking precautions. Now is not the time to let your guard down. It is extremely important to get vaccinated, wear your mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently and avoid gatherings.



Concerned You May Have COVID-19?

Find out your risk with this online screening.

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Please call 911 if you have an emergency or urgent medical question.

If you are having symptoms of COVID-19, for your safety, please select a MyChart video visit on demand or call your primary care provider. For symptoms of COVID-19, please visit our website

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