Henry Ford Health First in Michigan to Introduce Advanced Prostate Diagnostic Technology

September 27, 2023
Dr. Craig Rogers with ExactVu at Henry Ford.

DETROIT (Sept. 27, 2023) – Henry Ford Health is the first health system in Michigan to offer ExactVu, a cutting-edge technology for diagnosing and evaluating prostate cancer. Enhancing the precision and speed of diagnosis, this new technology ensures patients receive timely and appropriate care, while also providing a more efficient and convenient experience than other diagnostic methods.

"Throughout the years, advancements in prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment modalities have made a tremendous difference for patients,” said Craig Rogers, M.D., Chair of the Department of Urology at Henry Ford Cancer. “This is another step forward, making it possible to not only expedite diagnosis, but also make that process easier for our patients. Our program at Henry Ford has always been at the forefront of prostate cancer care, and the addition of this new technology is a testament to our team’s dedication to ensuring our patients have access to the best care available.”

ExactVu visualizes details previously not visible on prostate ultrasound images, detects prostate abnormalities in real-time, and takes a biopsy sample of suspicious areas. Lee Gardner, 72, of Northville, Michigan, is among the first Henry Ford patients to benefit from this new technology. He’s thriving after a successful prostate procedure in August.

“I’m thankful to my primary care physician, Dr. Clark Creger, for his referral to a specialist when he suspected something was wrong with my prostate, and to Dr. Craig Rogers, for accurately diagnosing the problem and walking me through the available options,” said Gardner.

Utilizing ExactVu, a suspicious area was identified on the right side of Gardner’s prostate, and a targeted biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer. Soon after, Gardner underwent a successful High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) procedure on the right side of his prostate.

HIFU is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that employs ultrasound waves to target and treat specific areas of the prostate, eliminating cancerous tissues while leaving the surrounding region unharmed. Patients benefit from HIFU due to its precise targeting, reduced side effects and quicker recovery times.

“Getting a correct diagnosis was a key part of helping me decide which option was best. I’m feeling wonderful, and grateful to be back to living the active lifestyle I’ve enjoyed for many years,” Gardner said.

To learn more about prostate cancer care at Henry Ford Health, visit henryford.com/prostatecancer.


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