Partners in Care

The hospice team will explain the process and coordinate follow up care with your physician.  

Your Henry Ford Hospice interdisciplinary team (IDT), along with patient and family/caregiver, will prepare a plan of care that meets needs the unique needs of the patient and family. Your team includes:

  • Board certified Palliative Nurse Practitioner and Physicians: Work together with your physician to provide symptom control and pain management. 
  • In-home nursing care: Will assess to determine number of weekly visit needed to keep you comfortable in your our home environment. Training regarding medication, side effects, treatment, and daily care.
  • Home Health Aid: able to provide personal hygiene needs, and opportunity to assess for additional needs.
  • Chaplain: available to provide in home spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families/caregivers. Able to assist in coordinating community spiritual support as needed. Individual Beliefs and practice are held to the highest respects.
  • Social Work: Provides emotional support, and assist in navigating insurance coverage, respite care, and advocate for pat and family. SW is available to provide short term counseling and offer emotional support to patient family and caregiver. They can assist with advanced care planning and refer to community resource. 
  • Dietitian: available to offer suggestions and provide support to meet the unique nutritional needs of each patient.
  • Volunteers: hospice volunteers are caring, loving, compassionate individuals who have dedicated their time to serve the needs of the terminally ill. Volunteers go through extensive training before placement, and have been vetted for security purposes based on health system guidelines. Physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy are available when deemed necessary for the patient’s comfort by the IDT.
  • Bereavement: caring for family, friends and caregivers after the death of a loved one is an important part of hospice philosophy. Contact is maintained by bereavement team for at least 13 months after the death of a loved one. Cards, telephone call, visits, newsletters and support groups are some of the ways we support the grieving. The bereavement team works with the famine to develop a plan of care unique to their needs.
  • Sandcastle: grief support program for grieving children and their family. That gives the opportunity to come together for support and strength as they journey through to world of grief participating in groups with peers can help children normalize their grief experience and finding within themselves their natural capacity to heal.
  • We honor vets: HF hospice is a participating member of the WHV program, provide Vet to Vet volunteer support and Veteran Pinning ceremonies to recognize a patient’s service to their country. The hospice care team will work with the Veterans Administration for concurrent care planning. 

Your Care Setting

Henry Ford Hospice interdisciplinary team works with the patient and family to identify end-of-life needs.

Our specialized care is brought to you wherever you call “home,” and wherever it’s most convenient for caregivers and family or friends to spend quality time together. 

In consultation with your hospice team, patients and family members will decide where the best place is to receive hospice care may be. We can provide care in:

  • The patient’s own home. This can be in private residence, independent living facility, assisted-living center or adult foster home.
  • A family member’s home. This provides a convenient care location for other family members and a location where the patient also feels comfortable.
  • A friend’s home. Often a friend becomes “a family member” and the patient has been receiving care and support from this friend. Having spent time together in the friend’s home, the patient is comfortable with the surroundings and the friend providing care.
  • A skilled care facility. Due to patient care needs and family situations, a higher level of care and support may be needed. Skilled care facilities provide the 24/7/365 care and support to meet both patient and family needs. The environment can be made “home-like” with minimal effort like bringing family photos to help patients feel more comfortable. There is a cost associated with this option and the hospice social worker can assist with understanding this option.
  • Residential hospice home. For patients in the Jackson area, we offer the option of a family-centered hospice home for end-of-life care. Along with amenities that offer comfort and security, this beautiful setting provides family and caregivers with special accommodations and services. Henry Ford Hospice often is able to makes arrangements to provide hospice services for patients residing in a nursing home. Henry Ford Hospice also can help coordinate a move into a nursing home if a patient is unable to stay in their current place of residence.
Hospice Care
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