Hospice Services

Henry Ford Hospice care is based on the principle that regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender that patient and family deserves dignity, choice, control and support.

No Place Like Home

There is no place like home when it comes to receiving quality health care of any type.  Home is where the patient feels most comfortable and family and friends supporting the patient care are familiar with the environment and surrounds.  Our specialized care is brought to you wherever you call “Home”, and wherever it’s most convenient for caregivers and family / friends to spend quality time together.  

In consultation with your hospice team, patients and family members will decide where the best place is to call “home”.  We can provide care in:

  • The patient’s own home.  This can be in private residence, independent living facility, assisted-living center, adult foster home.
  • A family member home.  This provides a convenient care location for other family members, and a location where the patient also feels comfortable.
  • A friend’s home.  Often a friend becomes “a family member” and the patient has been receiving care and support from this friend.  Having spent time together in the friend’s home, the patient is comfortable with the surroundings and the friend providing care.
  • A skilled care facility.  Due to patient care needs and family situations a higher level of care and support are needed.  Skilled care facilities provide the 24/7/365 care and support to meet both patient and family needs.  The environment can be made “home like” with minimal effort like bringing family photos to help patients feel more comfortable.  There is a cost associated with this option and the hospice social worker can assist with understanding this option.

The Henry Ford Hospice patient residing in a nursing home receives the benefit of both health care organizations. Henry Ford Hospice also can help coordinate a move into a nursing home if a patient is unable to stay in their current place of residence.

Who pays for hospice services?

Most insurance plans offer hospice benefits. The Medicare / Medicaid Hospice Benefit pays for:

  • The care and services of hospice team members.
  • Medications and medical equipment related to the hospice diagnosis.
  • All levels of care—routine, acute inpatient, respite, and continuous.
  • No patient is refused care due to lack of financial means to pay for services. Donations help fund care for those who have no insurance or are unable to pay for the full cost of services themselves. Donations also pay for extra services or to help families in need. 
Hospice Care
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