Prostate Cancer Patient Stories


John B's Teaser

John's story

John Bellanti has much to be thankful for. Adding to the list is a successful minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment performed at Henry Ford, which has left him with no evidence of prostate cancer or side effects from the treatment.

Ray's story

Ray Poshadlo has faced cancer three times, yet he considers himself lucky for a variety of reasons. During a routine checkup, his family physician ordered blood tests including a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test which was elevated. Ray made an appointment with Dr. Craig Rogers from Henry Ford and was able to benefit from new advances in prostate cancer treatment including high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

Dana's story

When Dana Sturges learned he had prostate cancer, he asked for help from his physician-friend. Then oncologist specialist treated him with highly effective, modified radiation. Black men are at a higher risk.

John's story

After learning his prostate cancer returned one year later, John Low traveled across the country to find answers at Henry Ford. A new MRI-guided radiation therapy gave him hope.

Donnell's story

When Donnell was diagnosed with prostate cancer, abdominal scar tissue prevented tradition robotic surgery. So his Henry Ford surgeons used an innovative single-port technique to make possible his successful surgical treatment.

Anthony’s story

An online search for cutting-edge prostate cancer treatment led Anthony to Henry Ford, where he would have the opportunity to enroll in a unique clinical trial that included innovative minimally invasive surgery.

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