Prostate Cancer Survivorship

Your health and well-being after prostate cancer treatment.

Survivorship is the period of your life after your treatment for prostate cancer. Just like your prostate cancer diagnosis and your personalized treatment plan, how you approach survivorship is unique to you.

Survivorship services and resources

Some men have a strong support system of family members, friends and others they rely on during their transition from cancer patients to cancer survivors. Others need additional help to adjust to their “new normal” after the intensive period of care and treatment.

Whatever you need, you are not alone. We offer a wide range of survivorship services and programs for our prostate cancer survivors, including:

  • Survivorship care and fertility treatment with our men’s health specialists
  • A post-treatment survivorship clinic staffed by advanced practice providers to help you navigate follow up care, and address concerns specific to your Survivorship Care Plan.
  • Prostate cancer support groups 
  • Complementary therapies, including acupuncture and massage therapy, as part of our integrative medicine care

Learn more about our prostate cancer support services.

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Colleen's Corner: Local and National Resources

For more support, visit Colleen's Corner, a list of helpful local and national resources about cancer.
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Worried Your Disease Will Return?

Join a Henry Ford Cancer social worker to learn about how to cope in a healthy way with fear and anxiety about recurrence or cancer progression.

Newly diagnosed?

Contact the cancer team 24/7 by calling (888) 777-4167.


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