Henry Ford Macomb Center for Weight Management

Striving to provide you the best weight loss support and programs to perfectly fit your needs

The Center for Weight Management at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital’s team of physicians, clinicians, health educators, and registered dietitians is dedicated to helping you lose weight through diet and active movement to improve your overall health.

Our center is supported by Health Management Resources® (HMR®), a national leading provider of medically supervised weight loss programs. HMR has been named a No. 1 Best Fast Weight-Loss Diet in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Diets of 2020 rankings. This partnership has led to patients losing more than two times as much as those on all other diet plans based on national averages.

Free seminar on our weight loss programs

To sign up for a session, please call (586) 323-4800 or register online for an in-person class or virtual class.

Our weight loss programs

At the Center for Weight Management, our comprehensive programs offer the coaching support and accountability needed for healthy weight loss and long-term maintenance. With our focus on a healthy lifestyle, participants see dramatic improvements in diabetes, high blood pressure, self-esteem and other health risks. Our focus on the value of healthy lifestyle changes produces weight loss momentum to carry you through the tougher times.

In clinic and virtual program choices include:

Couple cutting food and preparing to eat
Are “cheat days” a good or bad idea?

Pat Jurek, the manager for Henry Ford Macomb Hospital’s Center for Weight Management, suggests following a healthy lifestyle all of the time- one that allows for occasional indulgences. Avoid the slippery slope that often occurs with cheat days.

8 ways to get over a weight-loss plateau

Diet long enough and you’re bound to hit a point where the scale gets stuck. Weight loss levels off, your motivation wanes and staying the course can be difficult. There are strategies to break through it and nudge the scale back toward its downward trend.

Woman doing yoga plank
The benefits of moderate weight loss

If you’re overweight or obese, even modest weight loss can lower your risk of conditions ranging from diabetes to hypertension or high blood pressure.

Take the Next step

To learn more about our weight loss programs, call (800) 756-9890.


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