Measuring Exact Metabolic Rate

Until recently, determining resting metabolic rate was largely an estimate based on age, gender and build. Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals has technology that exactly measures metabolism. It's a device called ReeVue. By knowing the exact metabolic rate of our patients, we know for sure how many calories they need to maintain their current weight. That means we now know precisely how many calories to allot them to maximize their weight loss strategy. ReeVue is FDA-approved and may be covered by some insurance. ReeVue finds the resting metabolic rate by measuring how much oxygen patients are absorbing. Patients fast for at least four hours - overnight is preferable. They come to the Center for Weight Management and breath into a tube-like apparatus for four to six minutes. Finding oxygen absorption is the key because energy - or calories - is expended when proteins, fats and carbohydrates react with oxygen in the body. The more oxygen the body uses, the more calories are being burned. When people breath, the air contains oxygen as well as other elements. Most people breath about the same rate, but everyone absorbs different amounts of oxygen, based on their metabolism.