Healthy Solutions®

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If you're looking to lose weight quickly without the need for medical supervision, the HMR® Healthy Solutions weight-loss program is for you.

Designed by health professionals to maximize weight loss without the need for medical supervision for most people,* the HMR Healthy Solutions Program follows a diet that is simple to stick with, filling so you don't feel hungry, and with lots of delicious variety.

Each day, you'll enjoy...

The Healthy Solutions Program includes:

  • A structured, easy-to-follow, and filling diet
  • HMR Shakes, Puddings, Soup, Entrees, Bars, Multigrain Hot Cereal and fruits and vegetables of your choice
  • Weekly group meetings at a local clinic/medical center
  • Lifestyle education with individual plans for building healthy eating habits and practicing doable levels of physical activity
  • Weekly coaching calls with a trained HMR Health Educator
  • And proven results!

Free Seminar on Weight Loss Programs

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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