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Working with patients and caregivers as advisors at the organizational level is a crucial part of patient-centered engagement and care. Patient and caregiver advisors are valuable partners in efforts to reduce medical errors, improve the safety and quality of health care, as well as better situate your research questions. The Patient Engaged Research Center (PERC) has retained 480 diverse volunteer patient advisors and includes over a dozen Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) that meet on a regular basis with advisors to provide feedback on healthcare initiatives/projects. If your team would like to develop your own PFAC, add a patient advisor to your existing committee meetings, or would like to consult with a group of patient advisors on a certain topic, please click here to submit a PERC Intake Form. PERC offers a list of additional services such as Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Analysis and more. Read about PERCs services below.

Focus Group: Small group interview with patients/caregivers to gather thoughts and feedback on certain topics. PERC can help develop a moderator of questions to ask participants. We also will note take and/or record conversation and have transcribed

One-on-One Interviews: In depth one-on-one conversation with patient/caregiver. PERC can help develop a guide of questions to ask participants. We also will note take and/or record conversation and have transcribed.

Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC): 10-15 patient advisors placed on council led by HFHS team member(s). Council focuses on process improvement with feedback from patients/caregivers. PERC can take the lead on recruitment, strategic planning and development of council. PERC continuously support council.

Committee: Adding a patient and/or caregiver voice to existing department committee meetings. PERC will recruit and train patient advisor placed on department committee.

Surveys: A great tool for quick and easy responses from the patient advisor pool. PERC will develop the survey, distribute to targeted audience and pull response results.

Recruitment: The Patient Advisor Pool consists of near 500 patients and caregivers. This diverse group of participants are very receptive and engaged. PERC utilizes this pool for all forms of patient engagement. If desired audience does not exist within the patient advisor pool, PERC can help identify specific demographics outside of the pool. We will develop recruitment marketing materials, conduct outreach, and schedule participant interaction (interview, focus groups).

Patient Centered Research Design: Research studies designed to increase collaborative efforts between researchers and the participants (patients). Engagement, knowledge exchange and dissemination, as well as action and reflection are key components of these types of designs. Examples include: photo-voice, body-mapping, social network analysis, social media analysis, community-academic partnerships, participatory action research. PERC can assist in all aspects of study design and execution.

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