Therapy Dog Program

therapy dogs sitting at henry ford west bloomfield

Warm fuzzy care

Henry, a Black Labrador, Benson, a Golden Retriever and Hope, a Black Labrador, are our certified therapy dogs at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. In addition to the three facility-owned dogs, we have 25 pet therapy teams that visit patients and staff.

Therapy dogs:

  • Reduce anxiety of patients and family members. (Research indicates therapy dogs can lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of loneliness, and minimize stress among hospitalized patients.)
  • Reduce staff stress. (Studies have found that interacting with a therapy dog can help re-energize and motivate hospital staff.)
  • Interact with patients to aid in speech therapy.
  • Make longer-term patients feel more at home.
  • Educate children about dog safety.

Your child can have a photo taken with a therapy dog, and take home Henry and Benson’s trading cards and coloring pages.

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