Private Rooms

Before the patient bedrooms were built, more than 2,000 people - medical staff, patients, families and community members - toured prototype rooms to test room configurations, colors, fixtures, finishes, furniture and equipment. Based on their extensive feedback, Henry Ford made more than 70 design changes. The result is the private patient rooms soon to be opened in Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Some special features of the patient rooms and inpatient floors are:


All of the nearly 200 beds are private. Private rooms have been shown to reduce the spread of infection. Patients will check in and out of the same room, and there will be minimal patient transfers, lessening noise and sleep disruption.

A home away from home

To create a more comfortable and relaxing patient care environment, patient rooms overlook a pond, landscaped courtyards, woodlands and wetlands. Plus, each private room includes crown molding and soothing colors.

A quieter stay

Patient rooms do not share common walls or ceilings. This eliminates noise from hallways and neighboring room and results in a quieter stay for patients.

Work alcoves for the health care team

Alcoves for the health care team will be located outside each patient room. These areas will be quiet, with no overhead paging, and staff can check on patients through alcove windows, leaving doors closed. Blinds inside the windows between the alcoves and the patient rooms can be controlled from both sides. Charting to the electronic medical records may be done in the alcove, the patient's bedside or the nursing station.

Welcoming nursing stations

With low walls, the nurses' station has a more accessible design, allowing family members to feel more welcome to approach staff.

In-room, interactive TV system

Patients can watch educational programs about their illnesses, DirecTV, and access a number of other entertainment options via their TV. Nurses and patient also can log-in to a library of more than 300 sources of medical information on The Get Well Network. Plus, the TV will allow patients to order food 24/7, as well as provide daily feedback about their care directly to the hospital's CEO and COO.

Space for your patient families

Family members have space to stay overnight in every room and are not restricted by visiting hours. Additionally, each floor of the four-story hospital has family-oriented rooms (beds, tables, bathroom, shower) for those families who need to stay for extended periods of time.

Smart technology at your fingertips

Patient rooms have wireless Internet access, phone, remote-controlled window treatments, and multiple, adjustable lighting options.

Upholstered headboard

Beyond providing a more home-like feel to each room, the upholstered headboards are made with a special fabric that can be easily cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

Individual wardrobe with security locks

Wardrobes in each room are equipped with security locks so patients can keep their belongings nearby and secure.

Comfortable furnishings

Furnishings make the rooms feel more like home. Each room includes wood cabinets, a dresser and bedside table, all made by Michigan Finish Carpenters. There also are Corian® countertops in the patient's room and bathroom, which can be easily cleaned and will withstand the rigorous cleaning necessary in a hospital.

Bathroom with easily accessible shower

The patient's bathroom has an easily accessible shower to allow staff to assist in bathing. The rooms in our obstetrics unit feature Jacuzzis so laboring mothers can be made more comfortable.

Standardized layout

All hook-ups for medical gas and equipment can be found in the same location in every room. They are positioned a convenient height, reducing strain and errors for clinical staff.

Sleek, curved walls

The lead Henry Ford designer is certified in Feng Shui, a Chinese practice of living in harmony with the environment. Designed with those elements in mind, the rooms feature curved walls to create a more calming and soothing environment for patients and their families. Plus, rounded corners are easier for staff to clean.


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