Updated Visitor Policy

At Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, we are committed to keeping our patients and their loved ones connected while delivering safe, high quality care. Due to heightened COVID-19 transmission in our community and for everyone’s safety, we are temporarily restricting visitation on the hospital campus. Various services are available and require different accommodations for the safety of those patients. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note that visitation may vary throughout Henry Ford Health System depending on how active COVID-19 transmission is in each community. At Wyandotte, admitted patients will only be allowed virtual visits, which can be arranged with the nursing staff. In certain circumstances, visitation is allowed in the following areas as described below.

All Settings
Visitors are allowed who have power of attorney/surrogate decision-makers or court-appointed guardians as necessary for the purpose of exercising these powers. Also allowed are interpreters, approved vendors, chaplain/clergy and team members who meet an allowance listed below.

No visitors.

Allowances, however, will be made if caregiver education is required. While visiting is not allowed, the primary caregiver may be present for education - as requested by the care team - in preparation for discharge.

Emergency Department
One visitor is allowed only for critical patients or those experiencing a traumatic event, pediatrics and those who are dependent on a family member for decision making, such as persons with dementia or a developmental disability.
Surgical and Procedural Areas

Admitted surgical and procedural patients: One driver/visitor may accompany the patient. The visitor may stay in the designated waiting area during the procedure and then wait with the patient in recovery. The visitor must leave once the patient is admitted to a unit.

Outpatient surgical and procedural patients: One driver/visitor may accompany the patient. The visitor must stay in the designated waiting area and leave with the patient as soon as they are ready to be discharged.

One person may accompany the patient as needed for transport within the facility, discussion of clinical care decisions, or to assist if the patient has cognitive impairments. For prenatal visits, the partner may attend an ultrasound, but may not come to a regularly scheduled prenatal visit.
OB, Special Care Nursery

Labor and Delivery: A certified Doula with screening and appropriate PPE will be allowed during labor and for a period after birth, in addition to one support person.

Special Care Nursery: One parent at a time or two parents for twins (one with each baby).

One parent or guardian may always remain with patient. 
Hospice or End of Life
May have up to four visitors per day. Can be under the age of 16 with permission of the healthcare team. If COVID positive, visitors must wear procedural mask and full face shield while in the patient’s room.

Those who are permitted to visit must follow these rules:

  • All visitors are screened before entering any Henry Ford Health System facility. The screening includes a temperature check and a short series of questions about your COVID-19 status and possible symptoms.
  • You must go directly to the patient’s room and remain in the room for the duration of your stay.
  • You must wear a mask or other cloth face covering for the duration of your visit; failure to do so will result in removal from our hospital. If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one for you.
  • Visitors must refrain from eating or drinking in patient rooms or from using the bathroom in patient rooms.

Please let us know if you need assistance connecting virtually with your loved one.

We appreciate your understanding.

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If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

For your safety, please select a MyChart video visit on demand or call our MyCare Advice Line at 844-262-1949 before scheduling if:

  • You currently have a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • In the past 21 days, you have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • In the past 14 days, you have had contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • You are experiencing a new loss of taste and/or sense of smell
  • If you have experienced two or more of the following symptoms in the last 3 days:
    • fever
    • chills
    • drenching sweats
    • new cough
    • shortness of breath
    • body aches
    • headache
    • sore throat
    • runny nose or nasal congestion
    • nausea/vomiting/diarrhea

Henry Ford Health System is committed to ensuring our Deaf or hard-of-hearing patients and visitors have equal access to all services. We provide the appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including qualified sign language interpreters, TTYs and other assistive listening devices, at no cost. To request assistance, call 313-916-1896 or email CommunicationAccess@hfhs.org.

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