Addiction Care by Profession

Programs for athletes and people who work in healthcare, law, and transportation

People who have certain careers and struggle with addiction often face special requirements for accountability in their care. They must prove that they’re actively participating in addiction treatment in order to keep their jobs.

Our addiction team partners with specialized programs throughout Michigan as a resource to help people in these challenging fields succeed.

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  • Athletes

    Professional and collegiate athletes must meet strict eligibility requirements regarding substance use that are set by their teams or schools, as well as professional leagues or the NCAA.

    We work with professional and college teams throughout our region on specialized treatment programs in addition to early detection of addiction and educational programs.

  • Healthcare professionals

    Because of the potential danger to patients, licensed health care professionals are held accountable for their participation in and successful completion of addiction treatment. Workers who don’t successfully complete treatment may not be allowed to return to their careers.

    The Health Professionals Recovery Program, or HPRP, was established in Michigan in 1994, and it’s supported by various state licensing boards for healthcare professionals. We offer an extensive and rigorous addiction program in compliance with HPRP requirements.

    Learn more about HPRP.

  • Legal professionals and law students

    Lawyers, judges, and law students who have addition may need to involve the State Bar of Michigan, which oversees legal professionals throughout the state and monitors their addiction treatment accountability. This program is called the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program, or LJAP.

    LJAP works with preferred providers like us throughout the state to provide comprehensive treatment that meets their requirements for legal professionals and law students who are dealing with addiction.

    Learn more about LJAP.

  • Transportation professionals

    People who are involved with commercial transportation may have additional requirements for addiction treatment in order to have their licenses restored. Examples of these workers may include:

    • Commercial pilots
    • Railroad engineers
    • Truck drivers

    The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Michigan Department of Transportation have strict requirements for substance testing and addiction treatment. We work with patients on treatment programs that meet the requirements for commercial license restoration.

    Learn more about the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance.

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