Addiction Care for Women

Treating substance use disorder in Michigan women, including pregnancy care

Women often have different concerns, fears, and needs than men when it comes to treatment for addiction, also known as substance-use disorder. This is especially true if the woman is pregnant or has children who depend on her.

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Women’s unique addiction care needs

Women struggling with addiction often face multiple challenges related to their illness. These may include:

  • Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Feelings of shame or embarrassment
  • Maintaining a caretaker role for children and family members
  • Relationship issues complicated by addiction

Our addiction team works to ensure women can see female addiction care providers if they have a preference to feel safer or more at ease.

Participants in our residential (inpatient) addiction treatment program are separated by gender. Male and female patients are not in the same wings and have the option to participate in gender-specific addiction therapy groups.

Addiction care for pregnant women

Addiction care for womenIf you’re pregnant and dealing with addiction, it’s even more critical for you to get help. Women who use addictive substances during pregnancy risk serious complications for themselves and their babies before and after birth.

Our program is one of the few in Michigan that treats pregnant women with addiction. We’ll work closely with professionals in other medical and behavioral health specialties to make sure you and your baby are getting the care you need to overcome addiction.

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