Laser Vision Correction FAQs

Common questions about laser vision correction include eligibility, differences in procedures and how long it takes.

Who is a good candidate for laser vision correction?

Henry Ford ophthalmologists perform a complete exam and evaluation to determine good candidates for laser vision correction. Only about 25 percent of our patients are not eligible for laser eye surgery. Good candidates:

  • Are between 19 and 60 years old
  • Are in good health and show no presence of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or dry eye disease
  • Do not have corneas that are irregular, scarred or too thin
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Do not have severe autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis

What are the differences between laser vision correction options?

The main difference between PRK and LASIK is that during PRK surgery no corneal flap is created. PRK only affects the cornea’s outer layers, unlike LASIK, which affects the cornea’s inner layers.

How long does a laser eye surgery take?

Laser vision correction procedures usually take about 15-20 minutes, although you can expect to be at our center for about two hours.

Is laser vision correction painful?

For most patients, laser eye surgery is not painful. Light pressure during surgery and eye irritation after surgery is common.

How long after laser vision correction will I be able to resume normal activity?

After LASIK, most patients resume normal activity within 24 hours, while recovery from PRK may take a few days.

Are there risks involved with laser vision correction?

As with any procedure, laser eye surgery involves potential risks, and your Henry Ford ophthalmologist will review these with you prior to surgery. Recovery and vision improvement may vary based on the procedure and individual. Complications may include, but are not limited to:

  • Halos
  • Dry eye
  • Visual fluctuation
  • Overcorrected or residual prescription, which may require an enhancement
  • In rare cases, visually threatening complications may occur

Are laser eye surgery enhancements included?

Typically, we cover enhancements within the first two years after surgery. The examining doctor and surgeon of record approve enhancements (some restrictions may apply).

Where are Henry Ford laser vision correction procedures performed?

We offer laser eye surgery at our state-of-the-art laser suite inside Henry Ford Medical Center- Royal Oak.

How experienced are your surgeons?

Henry Ford surgeons have performed tens of thousands of laser vision correction procedures, and we continuously monitor and analyze data from our procedures to improve our techniques and treatments.

Is laser vision correction covered by insurance or a flexible benefit program?

Some insurance companies cover laser eye surgery, but we encourage you to verify this with your provider. In addition:

  • If your employer or company has a flexible benefits program, you can usually include a laser vision correction procedure in it.
  • Henry Ford can also offer you a flexible financing plan with zero percent interest for laser eye surgery. Ask your provider for details.
  • We offer a laser vision correction discount for Health Alliance Plan (HAP) members and Henry Ford Health employees.

At Henry Ford, patients come first.

The Henry Ford Department of Ophthalmology is committed to providing our patients with compassionate, personalized care. We feature the most advanced treatments in eye care and are dedicated to vision research – always staying at the forefront of innovation. A leader in Michigan, as well as one of the largest ophthalmology practices in the United States, we treat more than 55,000 patients per year at 14 locations throughout southeast Michigan. In addition, our team works closely with Henry Ford Medical Group physicians in other departments, providing multidisciplinary, coordinated care for those patients who need it.

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