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If you are a transgender woman seeking facial feminization surgery, look no further than Henry Ford. We are one of the only programs in Michigan with a surgeon specializing in feminizing the face. Our services are giving transwomen confidence to move forward with their preferred gender identity.

What is facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgery (FFS surgery) is a group of procedures that create a more feminine appearance. This gender-affirming procedure reshapes bones and tissue and may involve changes to your:

  • Forehead
  • Jaw
  • Neck (including Adam’s apple reduction)
  • Nose
  • Voice

FFS surgery at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

You receive care from an experienced ear, nose and throat surgeon. Our specialist completed advanced (fellowship) training in facial plastic surgery with an emphasis on facial feminization. This level of expertise helps our patients achieve exceptional results.

Highlights of our FFS surgery program include:

  • Personalized care: You have access to the full range of feminizing procedures, including making your nose smaller or creating a softer brow line. We listen carefully as you describe your preferences so we can recommend the options that best meet your needs.
  • Same-day discharge: Many patients go home the day of surgery, so you can recover where you are most comfortable. During your hospital stay, you receive care from attentive nurses who are sensitive to your needs. We provide detailed discharge instructions that keep your recovery moving forward.
  • Comprehensive transgender care: Feminizing surgery is one of the many services Henry Ford offers to transwomen. You also have access to gender-affirming hormone therapy, specialized primary care services and more. We coordinate services and support that optimizes your well-being. Find out more about transgender health.

FFS surgery options for transwomen

The options that are right for you depend on your body type and gender transition goals. Your care may include:

  • Making the hairline rounder and less M-shaped
  • Reshaping bones in your forehead to make it rounder from the nose up
  • Repositioning the eyebrows, so they sit higher on your forehead
  • Removing cartilage from your Adam’s apple (trachea shave) to make the bump in your neck less prominent
  • Altering your nose (rhinoplasty), which may include making it smaller with a scooped appearance on the side. If you have breathing issues, we can also help your breathing.
  • Reducing the squareness of your jaw and chin by removing excess bone
  • Creating rounder cheeks with implants or fillers
  • Raising the pitch of your voice to make it sound more feminine (voice feminization surgery)

Facial feminization surgery requirements

To be eligible, you may need to:

  • Be 18 years old or older with fully mature bones in your head and face
  • Have been living as a woman for at least one year
  • Be on hormone-affirming therapy with estrogen
  • Complete a mental health screening or present a letter of support from your mental health expert.
  • Demonstrate that mental health issues, if you have them, are under control
  • Reduce or eliminate tobacco or marijuana use for at least six weeks before surgery
  • Agree to stay off tobacco or marijuana for up to six weeks after surgery

Additional transgender health services

FFS surgery is one of the many services Henry Ford offers to transwomen. You also have access to gender-affirming hormone therapy, laser hair removal and more. Our specialists work together to coordinate these services so you can focus on taking care of yourself. Find out more about transgender health.

Will my insurance cover FFS surgery?

Insurance is covering a growing number of gender-affirming therapies, including feminizing surgery. Find out more about insurance plans we accept.

The best way to learn about your coverage is by calling your insurance company. We can help. And if an authorization or appeal is necessary, we take care of it for you.

Make an appointment

Learn more about our transgender health services. Request an appointment or contact us for more information, or call (313) 622-1499.


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