Doctor Visit Pricing

If you do not have health insurance coverage, Henry Ford Health System offers pricing for uninsured patients that is compliant with state and federal regulations and is based on Medicare payment rates.  These prices apply only to uninsured patients, or to insured patients if the service is not a covered benefit.

To determine what your deposit will be, contact the Pricing Department at Henry Ford at 1-888-455-2678 or contact us via email through an online form. If you have insurance, your out of pocket costs are determined by the contract you have with your insurance company.

Uninsured patients are expected to pay in full prior to services being performed.

The charge for a visit with a doctor is based on a national system that takes into account complexity of the illness/symptoms and the extent of the medical history and exam is needed to be done by the physician. The more detailed and complex the visit, the higher the price of the service

Uninsured Amount
Established Patients - Most Common Visits $86 or $127
New Patients - Most Common Visits $129 or $198
Annual Physical $200

New Patient - A first visit or a patient not seen within three years.
Established Patient - A return visit within the last three years.

*The complexity level of the visit is based on the nature of the condition, paperwork, examination and counseling time. The level is assigned by the physician after the visit. These prices do not include the cost of lab work or other tests.

*If the case is very minor or very complex, the charge may be different. The uninsured price for the most complex level of care is $246 for a new patient.

Disclaimer: The services received from a physician are based upon the needs and medical condition of each patient. Actual charges may vary based upon services delivered and the specific medical condition of the patient. Additional tests or services not listed may be ordered by the doctor to diagnose or treat the patient. The price listed includes all hospital and physician services required during the hospital stay.

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