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Common Lab Tests

If you do not have health insurance coverage, Henry Ford Health System offers pricing for uninsured patients that is compliant with state and federal regulations and is based on Medicare payment rates.  These prices apply only to uninsured patients, or to insured patients if the service is not a covered benefit.

The discounted hospital prices apply at all Henry Ford locations. The amounts listed below are estimates of the out of pocket costs for an uninsured individual.

To determine what your deposit will be, contact the Pricing Department at Henry Ford at 1-888-455-2678 or contact us via email through an online form. If you have insurance, your out of pocket costs are determined by the contract you have with your insurance company.

Uninsured patients are expected to pay in full prior to services being performed.

Common labs and test Total with uninsured discount
Complete blood count $12
Biochemical profile - A blood test that measures the main electrolytes in the body, including sodium, potassium, chloride and carbon dioxide $16
SGPT - A blood test to check for liver disorders $8
Urinalysis w/microscopy - Urine sample to screen for a number of conditions $5
Blood draw $3
TSH – Thyrotropin $26
PSA - Prostate specific antigen $29
Lipid profile - Cholesterol and triglycerides $20

Disclaimer: The services received from a physician are based upon the needs and medical condition of each patient. Actual charges may vary based upon services delivered and the specific medical condition of the patient. Additional tests or services not listed may be ordered by the doctor to diagnose or treat the patient.