Photo Gallery

Our Fellows are the reason why our program is so wonderful. While they work very hard, they find the time to have fun together outside of the hospital as well. Below you will find some candid photos of Fellows from our program.

Above: Fellows supporting the American Heart Association Heart Walk. For many years Henry Ford Health system was the largest single donor to the Heart Walk in the country. We are proud of our Fellows and Health System!
Above: Fellows enjoying great Michigan skiing together.
Above: One of the many Fellows vs. Senior Staff athletic events. The basketball tournament is always a favorite!
Above: Fellows enjoying a beautiful summer picnic at their Program Director’s house.
Above: Fellows enjoying a night out together.
Above: Fellows supporting each other during an American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions poster presentation. This particular year (2014) Dr. De Benedetti Zunino (center) won best poster at the conference.
Above: Fellows and Program Coordinator enjoying a summer day at the annual Fellowship Picnic.
Above: Fellows at an outdoor outing together.
Above: Fellows, Residents, and Nurse Practitioner being treated to a day of horseback riding at Dr. Schairer’s (Cardiology Senior Staff) horse farm.
Above: A Cardiology Senior Staff takes his team out for lunch.
Above: A Senior Staff taking the Fellows out for a Red Wings hockey game.
Above: Cardiology Fellows, Staff, and Program Coordinator at graduation.
Above: A Senior Staff taking the Fellows out for a Red Wings hockey game.
Above: Fellows presenting their research at the national ACC meeting.
Above: Fellows at the spectacular Henry Ford 100th Anniversary Gala Event.
Above: Dr. Ananth, HFH Cardiologist and Chair of the 2015 Michigan ACC, with the Fellows. HFH Cardiologist Dr. Khandelwal (pictured behind fellows) recently elected to be President of the Michigan ACC Chapter.
Above: Fellows versus Faculty basketball game.
Above: Our Fellow, Raj Shah, winning best Fellow In Training poster at the 2016 ACC conference. Amazing that 2 times in 3 years an HFH fellow has won best poster!
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