Metabolic Health and Weight Management

The Metabolic Health and Weight Management (MHWM) program welcomes any patient who is motivated to improve their healthy lifestyle. Patients who are experiencing the metabolic challenges below, however, may particularly benefit from participating.

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes through one or more of the following tests:

  • Hemoglobin A1c 5.5–6.4% (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists criteria)
  • Fasting Glucose 100–125 MG/DL
  • Non-Fasting Glucose 140–199

OR Patients may alternatively have one or more of the following:

  • Overweight or Obese: BMI > 25 and/or abdominal circumference greater than or 37 inches for men for 32 inches for women - International Diabetes Federation criteria
  • Hypertension (controlled or uncontrolled) OR resting blood pressure of 120/80 or higher (formerly called “prehypertension)
  • Elevated lipids: elevated triglycerides and/or LDL and/or non-HDL cholesterol

Professionals at the Center for Metabolic Health and Weight Management commit to:

  • Documentation of progress in the patient’s medical record and sending hard-copy progress notes to primary care providers (PCPs) who do not use Epic
  • With the patient’s permission, updating the patient’s PCP, should concerns arise during a one-on-one visit
  • Providing a three-month progress report to the patient’s PCP
  • Providing a six-month summary of recommendations for continued areas of focus, including the possibility of continuing for additional time with the program

How can I support my patient who is participating in a MHWM program?

  • The patient’s PCP will continue to be their medical home and provide care including disease management, medications modifications (ex. lowering of blood pressure or diabetes medications, as appropriate, with lifestyle improvements)
  • For ongoing monitoring, we recommend patients see their PCPs every 4-6 weeks throughout the 6-month program
  • At minimum, we recommend testing the patient’s lipid panel and A1C twice throughout the program
    • Baseline: No more than 3 months prior to beginning
    • Optional midway: after they’ve spent 3 months with the program
    • Conclusion: At the end of their 6-month program

To refer a patient, submit through Epic to the Center for Metabolic Health and Weight Management or download our referral form.

After the referral is received, a representative from the MHWM program will contact the patient to invite them to a free program seminar. 


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