Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is the most intensive level of addiction treatment we offer at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, the home for addiction therapy at Henry Ford Behavioral Health Services. Maplegrove is the premier center for addiction treatment in Michigan. Our staff combines extensive experience and evidence-based techniques with a compassionate touch.

Addiction treatment: Residential Treatment in Michigan

We view addiction as an illness, not as a moral issue or lack of self-control. We tailor a personalized treatment plan for each patient, working to help him or her interrupt the cycle of addiction and establish a stable recovery plan. Our goal is to help patients successfully reintegrate into family, work and community life. Meet the Maplegrove team.

Residential treatment: who is a candidate?

Patients who have not found success breaking their addiction during outpatient treatment may be candidates for Residential Treatment. During this treatment patients receive 24/7 comprehensive care from our expert team of addiction specialists. This includes medical and psychiatric care as well as counseling.

The program is part of our three phases of treatment:

  1. Interruption. Stopping the cycle of addiction and establishing abstinence
  2. Rehabilitation. Facilitating education and therapy so the patient recognizes and accepts the addiction, as well as beginning daily routines of recovery.
  3. Recovery. Implementing ongoing support, including counseling and 12-step meetings, to promote stability and long-term wellbeing.

Residential treatment: what to expect

We work with patients and their loved ones to create a personalized care plan. Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits-all care. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of each patient, assessing how the addiction affects all aspects of their lives. Then, our expert team of physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists and technicians tailors an appropriate and effective treatment program.

Here is a general idea of what you can expect from Residential Treatment:

  • Length. The program runs anywhere from three to 28 days.
  • Components of care include:
    • Physicians medically manage a safe detoxification and provide care for any accompanying medical conditions, including pain, hypertension and diabetes.
    • Psychiatrists manage depression, anxiety and other mood-related issues.
    • We schedule group, individual and family counseling as necessary.
    • Other programs include yoga, meditation and urge-management programs.
    • 12-step meetings are a key component of addiction treatment.
  • Education. We place a strong emphasis on educating patients and families on addiction progression.
  • Available resources. We provide a variety of helpful resources to assist patients in accepting their addiction, managing cravings and establishing sobriety.
  • Family program. Our family program invites spouses, parents and loved ones to participate in treatment and recovery.

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