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This binder was designed by a team of Henry Ford Health System care giving experts to assist caregivers and patients. Keep documents in one location:

  • Medical records
  • Medication information
  • Medical history
  • Lab results
  • Appointments
  • Your questions
  • Notes from the doctor
  • Information, business cards and handouts

Take it, Share it, Use it:

  • Take it with you to doctor’s appointments.
  • Share it with other caregivers and your loved one.
  • Use it to make care giving easier and more effective.

Suggestions from other Caregivers:

  • Move pages and sections to fit your needs.
  • Use the pocket by the Medications section for medication information you receive from the pharmacy.
  • Use the calendar to keep track of when to order medications and medical supplies.
  • Use the business card holder (the plastic sleeve with business-card size slots) to hold business cards. Write notes on the fronts/backs of the business cards.
  • Buy a small blank notebook and keep a daily journal of important events, milestones, and issues you and the patient encounter. Keep it with the binder or slide it into a pocket.'
  • Use Section 8 to customize the binder for your needs.

How to Reorder Pages:

  • You can print additional pages by clicking on one of the sections below
  • Or, email to request specific pages be mailed to you
  • Or, call 313-874-4838 to request specific pages be mailed to you


Contact the Henry Ford Department of Patient and Family Caregiver Resources. Email: Phone: 313-874-4838.

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