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Addiction disorders have a significant impact on patients and their families. Our team at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, the home for addiction treatment at Henry Ford Behavioral Health Services, emphasizes prevention and support as critical components of a patient’s recovery. Family, parents or guardians play a crucial role in treatment, and we are here to provide the resources and support they need.

Addiction prevention and support in Michigan

Our addiction specialists have extensive training in treating patients with addiction disorders as well as unique expertise in educating both patients and loved ones. The Maplegrove Community Education provides educational programs about substance abuse and addiction, prevention and intervention.

  • Skill Building: What to Do When Addiction Touches Your Family

    This program offers six, skills-based education and support sessions for adults age 18 or over who have a family member with a drug or alcohol problem. Led by an addiction specialist, each interactive session has a unique theme and allows time for questions and discussions.

    Participants will:

    • Hear facts about addiction and understand how it can impact families
    • Learn about strategies for recovery
    • Build communication and problem-solving skills to use within the family
    • Discuss ways to handle the pressures of living with someone with addiction
    • Discover how to establish or restore relationships, roles, boundaries and routines

    This free program is ongoing and attendees may join the group at any time.

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  • SHARE: Friends and Family Addiction Support Group

    The SHARE support group offers concerned family members and friends of those addicted to alcohol or drugs the chance to talk about their feelings in a supportive group setting. Participants also get the opportunity to interact with others facing substance abuse in their families. SHARE is open to adults age 18 and over. This free program is ongoing and attendees may join the group at any time.

    This program is not appropriate for individuals in recovery with less than six months of continuous sobriety from alcohol and other drugs.

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  • Are You Concerned? How to Help Someone With a Substance Problem

    This program is for adults age 18 and over who are concerned about a friend or family member’s use of alcohol or other drugs. Those seeking more information about addiction are also welcome to attend. This three-hour presentation addresses:

    • Intervention – how to get someone into treatment who does not want to go
    • Intervention resources
    • Impact on family and friends
    • Addiction
    • Treatment options

    The sessions are designed for adult family members, friends, community members, and professionals who are seeking more information.

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  • Be Prepared: Substance Abuse Education Classes for Parents and Teens

    Preparing your child for high school or college life can be stressful. This interactive class will educate parents and teens ages 13-18 about the reality of today’s teen alcohol and drug use and discuss how to handle issues or concerns. This candid session is designed to provide valuable information and prevention strategies for both parents and teens before there is a serious problem.

    Participants will:

    • Gain an understanding of today’s drug and alcohol climate
    • Learn about behaviors that lead to addition and how to spot the warning signs
    • Understand how addiction affects the user and the family
    • Learn what to do if faced with a substance abuse issue
    • Understand addiction treatment options

    Registration for this class closes on May 3, 2017. A minimum number of four registered teen participants is required.

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  • Maplegrove 101: Addiction Education for Health Professionals and Students

    Interested in learning more about the field of addiction treatment? This free program is for adults age 18 or over who are studying or work in the human services fields. Our program offers an insider’s view of Maplegrove Center and an introduction to our treatment and family programs. Participants also receive addiction education and can take part in skill-building class and a family support group.

    Participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch if needed.

    Registration for each session closes three business days prior to class date. A minimum number of three registered participants is required.

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For more information about community education at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, contact Lisa Kaplan at (248) 661-6170 or by email.
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