Minority Men's Health

Risk for certain diseases sometimes varies across racial and ethnic groups because of genetics. But resources and environment often play a key role in disparities, too — disparities that don’t always get addressed.

At Henry Ford Health, we take all these factors into account. We know that men from minority groups sometimes have a greater risk for diseases that affect the urinary system and sexual health. We offer the quality care you need, in a respectful and culturally sensitive way.

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How does race and ethnicity affect urologic health?

Data show that Black men have a higher risk than white men of certain urologic conditions, including:

Some ongoing research points to genetics for this disparity. But environment and socioeconomic status may also play a role — perhaps even a bigger role. For example, white men get bladder cancer more frequently, but African-American men are more likely to die from the disease.

For Latino and African-American men, risk of erectile dysfunction is higher. Research shows Latino men are also more likely to have diabetes and heart disease. Both these conditions contribute to erectile dysfunction.

What can I expect at my urology appointment?

We understand that not all men feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues — especially when it comes to urology. When you come to your urology appointment, you should expect a compassionate and understanding team in a warm, friendly office.

Our experts break down barriers to help you feel comfortable. We want you to feel free to discuss any topic with us. Additionally, many of our doctors, nurses and other team members come from diverse backgrounds. You often get care from someone that comes from your community.

What does culture mean to Henry Ford?

Understanding cultural differences goes a long way toward meeting the needs of our diverse communities. At Henry Ford, we take our charge of providing care to everyone in the community seriously.

Our system-wide Healthcare Equity Campaign focuses on raising awareness, improving communication and making changes. Our Institute on Multicultural Health (IOMH) develops approaches for quality care. Our mission is helping racial and ethnic populations disproportionately affected by medical conditions.

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