Behavioral Health and Cancer

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A diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming, discouraging, and very stressful. Our Behavioral Health Team specializes in the care of cancer patients and their support systems. Behavioral Health staff can help patients and families cope with the stressors associated with cancer in a healthy, adaptive way, from diagnosis through survivorship.

Ask your cancer care team about a referral to behavioral health.

Your Oncology Behavioral Health Team:

Dr. Michael Ryan
Health Psychologist
Dr. Amy Williams
Health Psychologist
Karen Wezner
Karen Wezner
Nurse Practitioner

Cancer Care Assessment--Distress Screening

We care for you as a whole person. To do this, we identify and address areas of concern that may affect quality of life or interfere with cancer treatment. You will complete a Cancer Care Assessment screening tool every few months to help your medical team learn about your or your family’s emotional, physical, or practical concerns. Screening helps your doctor provide the best care possible by connecting you with individualized resources within HFCI and the surrounding community.

Cancer Care Assessment
Dr. Michael Ryan explains the Cancer Care Assessment and how it helps to improve the care of your whole person at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute
Talking About Your Diagnosis

See what our experts say on whether to tell others about a cancer diagnosis and how to go about it.

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