Patient Stories

At Henry Ford Health, we don’t just treat illness or disease. We treat people. Our patients’ lives are touched by the compassion, dedication and expertise of our staff in thousands of different ways every day, whether it’s a lifesaving treatment or simply a reassuring smile and kind word. Every patient’s story is unique. We are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories here:


Back on Track

What started as a routine Sunday morning run for Chris and his daughter, Karley, turned into a heart attack. Thanks to the team at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, Chris was back for his morning run with Karley the following week.


Getting Through the Perfect Storm

In a life-threatening situation, a deep vein thrombosis sent a pulmonary embolism into Kathryn’s lungs, but EKOS, an ultrasound catheter-directed therapy saved her life.


A Reason to Celebrate

Chad Patterson never thought he would be having a heart attack on his 49th birthday. With the help from his heart care team at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital, Chad had a 100% blockage removed and later underwent transradial cardiac catherization to remove four additional blockages.


Getting Back on the Court

Matthew was one of the first patients to successfully undergo Ekosonic Endovascular System (EKOS) therapy at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital to treat massive clots. Allowing him to get back to coaching basketball.


cardiology patient coach chuck singleton

Coach Gets Second Chance

An average day turned into one of the most frightening experiences for youth sports coach, Chuck Singleton. He collapsed and suffered a heart attack at his home and was rushed to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.


Heart patient Michelle Rachuk standing in front of trees

Grateful for Generous Donation

A newly-donated portable heart-lung support system is credited as the crucial component in saving the life of a 49-year old patient, Michelle Rachuk, at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.


Heart SCAD patient Karen Glugla

The Heart of the Family

Karen Glugla, mother of four, had her second heart attack before age 46 due to a rare heart condition called SCAD.


cardiology patient hana sarkees and husband

A New Lease on Life

Hana Sarkees spent last New Year’s Eve dancing at a celebration with her family. But on Jan. 2, 2017, she suffered a massive heart attack and stroke.


cardiology patient greg weglowski presenting marathon medal to dr farha


A Gulf War veteran, longtime federal law enforcement special agent, and marathon runner Greg Weglowski never expected to experience a heart attack - and definitely not at 40.


heart patient mary with her dog coco

Remote Monitoring Saves AFib Patient

Mary Neff knew something was off and wasn’t feeling well. When she began to experience heaviness in her chest, she paid a visit to an interventional cardiologist.


The Best Gift

After suffering a massive heart attack, Bryan Runstadler was rushed to Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and received life-saving emergency cardiac support and bypass surgery.

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