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Henry Ford Women's Health Services offers advanced gynecological care from regular exams for health maintenance to advanced medical and surgical therapies for complex gynecological conditions and diseases, our gynecologists provide the complete range of services for comprehensive, personalized care, including:

Gynecology specialty care

For women experiencing common or complex gynecologic conditions, board-certified Henry Ford gynecologists offer advanced diagnostic studies and a wide range of medical and non-invasive therapies, as well as minimally invasive and robotic surgery options. Our gynecology team includes specialists focusing on:

  • Gynecologic Cancer: Our services include advanced treatment for all types of gynecologic cancer, including ovarian, uterine, vaginal, vulvar and cervical cancers.
  • Gynecologic Surgery: for women suffering from a gynecologic disorder that requires surgery.  Our gynecologists are experts at minimally invasive surgery, including robotic surgery, as well as traditional open surgery and alternatives to surgery such as uterine artery embolization and endometrial ablation techniques.
  • Urogynecology for women with urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, as well as pelvic floor disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Reproductive Medicine for women experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant, with options for infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization.
  • Sexual health: for women and couples with concerns and conditions related to sexuality and sexual health.

Gynecology research, including clinical trials, is ongoing at Henry Ford to continually provide women the most advanced, safe and effective therapies for gynecologic disease.

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