Rehabilitation Services

At Henry Ford, we understand the frustrations and worries patients feel when they face a challenge requiring rehabilitation. We provide everything you and your loved ones need, including a full range of physical and emotional support to help you heal.

Henry Ford Rehabilitation: Why Choose Us

Our Rehabilitation Services have a history of excellence, and offer an experienced, specially trained staff and comfortable facilities outfitted with the latest equipment.

The Henry Ford Rehabilitation program offers:

  • Distinguished inpatient rehabilitation: Our 24-hour-a-day care on specialized units at our Henry Ford Wyandotte and Henry Ford Macomb hospitals is recognized for meeting or exceeding national standards for excellence.
  • Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation: A full range of therapies are available during office visits, including:
  • Personalized therapy: We design our therapy programs around your individual needs, with the majority of services offered one-on-one.
  • Seamless Transitions: We have all your possible rehabilitation steps covered — inpatients often use outpatient services after discharge, and our outpatients can continue to use our gym once their regular sessions have ended.
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