Skin Repair and Care

The Henry Ford Center for Cosmetic Surgery is led by specially trained and board certified physicians to provide you the complete range of advanced therapies and technologies to refresh and renew the appearance of your skin. We provide personalized, safe therapies in a private, comfortable setting.

New cosmetic products and better technology have made improving the skin's appearance easy, affordable, and quick. The Henry Ford cosmetic surgery team specializes in treating skin discoloration and advanced skin resurfacing techniques, improving the appearance of scars and reversing the effects aging and sun-damage.

Providers are also leaders in researching skin disorders such as keloids, vitiligo and burn injuries with aims of better understanding why these conditions happen. The Henry Ford Center for Cosmetic Surgery often participates in clinical trials aimed at developing new treatment for skin disorders.

Payment options

While insurance does not generally cover surgery that is purely for cosmetic reasons, if the surgery corrects or improves a genetic deformity or traumatic injury, or if it improves function such as sight or vision, insurance may cover part or all of the procedure. Check with your insurer to determine your coverage. Flexible payment options and simple financing are available. Ask about these choices when scheduling your appointment.

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