Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Established in 1995, the Center works in partnership with health care professionals, individuals, and communities to improve the health of its constituents through programs based on research, an understanding of human behavior, and validated processes for health risk reduction. The Center is committed to developing programs and services within the context of the following key objectives:

  • Continuously improve, deliver and expand preventive services in clinical practice.
  • Facilitate a range of wellness programs.
  • Collaborate with internal, public-sector, and private-sector partners to improve the health of the multiple populations we serve and the broader communities of which we are a part.
  • Provide leadership on health promotion and disease prevention in clinical practice, managed care, community health and public policy.
  • Develop and implement a research and evaluation plan to advance the science of health promotion and disease prevention and improve the delivery of preventive services.


The Center serves a broad array of customers including the System, Health Alliance Plan (HAP), patients, health professionals and students, employer groups, policy makers, the community (e.g., faith-based, schools, community based organizations), and funding agencies (e.g., foundations, government). With an understanding of the importance of respecting diversity, working collaboratively with others, creating coalitions and partnerships, the Center strives to broaden the scope of its activities and assist others in advancing health promotion efforts.

Products and services

The Center represents a link between clinical medicine and public health and serves multiple cross-cutting roles:

  • Clinical Preventive Services:
    • Tobacco Treatment Services - to help individuals quit smoking. All programs are staffed by Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists.
    • Smoking Intervention Program (SIP) is a six month telephonic-based counseling program. A counselor works with you on a one-on-one basis to develop strategies to deal with temptations, manage cravings and provide on-going support and encouragement. Medications to lessen nicotine withdrawal symptoms as well as the desire to smoke may also be used.
    • Freedom from Smoking®, developed by the American Lung Association, is an eight week group program. Group members share ideas and tips on how to deal with temptations and cravings and provide mutual support to remain smoke-free.
    • Stay Quit is an on-going free support group for individuals who need extra support with quitting smoking or staying quit.
    • Flu Shots - Nurses provide flu vaccination clinics at work sites upon request.
    • Health Screenings - Nurses provide screenings such as blood pressure, body fat, BMI, cholesterol and glucose at worksites and for community groups upon request.
  • Wellness Programs:
    • Health Coaching - Trained health professionals provide telephonic health coaching to help individuals from worksites overcome their barriers to healthy lifestyles and celebrate and learn from their successes.
    • Health Education - Experts from every health discipline are available to provide health education on a variety of topics.
    • Wellness programming for Move to body, mind & spirit - Henry Ford's employee wellness program.
  • Research and evaluation in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Health professional education and training
  • Advocacy and policy advancement for health promotion and disease prevention
  • Clearinghouse on wellness initiatives for the System

Contact Information:

Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Henry Ford Health System
1 Ford Place, 5C
Phone: (313) 874-6274
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